Cookie Statement

Dutch hospitality is a cookie with your coffee or tea. Digital hospitality is a cookie with a website visit. We use cookies to make our website more user friendly. In this cookie statement we will explain what cookies are, which cookies we and third parties use, why we use these cookies and how long we store them and how you can delete them.

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files that store information. We or another party store these text files on your computer or mobile device. When you visit the website again we use this text file to read your preferences and login data.
This way you do not have to indicate your preferences each time you visit the website and we can make the website more user friendly. You can see which cookies we store on your computer and what we use them for under the header ‘overview cookies’.

Caution: If you do not give permission to store cookies on your computer, we cannot guarantee that our website, or parts of it, will work properly.

Overview cookies:

Functional cookies (technically crucial)
We store functional cookies to make our website work properly. We do not need permission to place this type of cookies. These cookies make sure certain information is retained when you go to another subpage, that the shopping cart works and that certain information is remembered throughout the ordering procedure.

Tracking cookies
Through our website a cookie is placed from the American company Google, as part of the “Google Analytics”-service. We use this service to gain insight in, and reports on, how our visitors use the website. Google may share this information with third parties if so legally required, or with parties who process this information on behalf of Google. We do not have a say in this. We have not given Google permission to use the information acquired for Google Analytics for other Google-services.

The information that Google collects is anonymised where possible. Your IP-address is explicitly not made available to Google. The information is transferred to Google and they store it on servers in the United States. Google has declared that they adhere to the Privacy Shield principles and is a member of the Privacy Shield-programme of the United States Ministry of Trade. This means there is a fitting level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

Advertisement cookies
Google and Facebook place cookies in order to make sure you won’t be shown the same advertisement over and over again, that they fit your personal interests and that we know how many visitors click on an advertisement.

We do not store cookies for a longer period of time than is legally permitted and strictly necessary for the execution of our goals.

The cookies placed by other parties are subject to their respective cookie statements. These are subject to change. You may find their current cookie statement on their respective websites.

Enabling and disabling cookies and deleting them.
You may find information on how to enable/disable or delete cookies on your devices through the websites below:

- More information on cookie-settings Google Chrome
- More information on cookie-settings Mozilla Firefox
- More information on cookie-settings Microsoft Internet Explorer
- More information on cookie-settings Apple Safari
- More information on cookie-settings Flash Player

More information on cookies?
Surf to the following websites to find more information on cookies:

- Consumentenbond: “What are cookies?”
- Consumentenbond: “What is the use of cookies?”
- Consumentenbond: “Deleting cookies”
- Consumentenbond: “Disabling cookies”
- Your Online Choices: “A guide to online behavioural advertising”

We are entitled to changing the information in this cookie statement without prior notice. Changes are necessary when we want to change our website or when there are changes in legislation. We recommend regularly checking this cookie statement for any changes.